A Litter (Bente)

Bente von Ajaccio x  Opal von der Märchenwiese: 3 males

Abayomi, Abbaio, Alucio Bennett van het Balgzand


 Here are the puppies 6 weeks.







 Alucio Bennett.


Abayomi 9 weeks Alucio Bennett 9 weeks Abbaio 8 weeks
Saying goodbye to Abbaio Saying goodbye to Abayomi Saying goodbye to Alucio Bennett
Peppie's (Abayomi) new bed Is anyone coming to play outside? I love it over here!!
Learned a trick already              Nice face! Save in mummies arms
Look at me , great life?! Abbaio at is walk They have got some very nice hide and seek places ove rhere! I am seeking the fish, they should be here somewhere

Brief van Wendy