When your dog looks like this after playtime, it needs to be cleaned.

2 possibilities: Let the dog dry, so the sand gets out by itself.

Or, faster, you can clean it yourself.


The Bolognese is a non shedding breed and so therefore any dead fur stays within the coat.

This asked for good combing trough the coat. You can comb it every day for easy car, but

also every week thoroughly.


You have to comb the face and the fur gently. At the ears knots

can form, comb them carefully. I put my Bolognese on my lap and start from bottom

to head. First one side then the other. On the belly I use a brush.

The eyes must be cleaned daily with a piece of cotton put in cooled down boiled water. 

The ears must be checked frequently on fur growing in it and it must be removed, gently between two fingers or with tweezers.

The nails arenít allowed to grow to long, you have to clip them.

When to much fur is growing between the paws, you have to cut it back. 

The teeth need care once a day, with a teeth brush and special dogs toothpaste.

Then you have to bathe your Bolognese to keep him white.  A bath every 6 weeks should do. Therefore you use special dog shampoo. After rubbing in the shampoo you make sure to get all the shampoo gets out with al lot of water. Then use it a second time. After this you can use a conditioner. You can buy all sorts of products to groom you Bolognese with, also special products to make the fur extra white. After bathing you have to make sure that you bolognese is quickly dried, first with a towel (donít rub) and when the wetter ore surroundings are cold with a  hair dryer.


The fur of the Bolognese doesnít  hold the dirt for long, so bathing isnít always necessary. A regular grooming  helps to keep it clean.