Is there anything a Bolognese can't do???

When Bente had finished her obedience, we took her to agility. Bente is a very gay dog, who likes to play with you, so we thought this was it for her, and so it seemed to be, she enjoys it very much. The only thing she doens't like to much about is, is that she has to wait till it's her turn.

Kelly is taking her to agility and is just as enthousiastic about it as Bente.



Jumping high and fast. That's no problem for her.



Through the trunk, but Kelly is on the other side, so quickly through it and up to the next obstacle.


That will be the tunnel. Kelly says  where to go in and so Bente comes out on the other side.


The tyre is another high jump.

The catwalk, she takes very good care to touch the white spots .


 The castle                                                     And the seesaw.